Engineering Your Vision is Our Passion

Peralte-Clark, LLC delivers unparalleled quality civil engineering consulting services, focused on full project execution and participation, from chase to delivery.

Certification as a DBE/MBE Firm

Peralte-Clark recently obtained our DBE and MBE certifications by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Cook County, respectively. Thanks and kudos to both agencies for a timely review of our applications.

New IDOT Pre-qualification in Construction Inspection

Peralte-Clark recently became pre-qualified with the Illinois Department of Transportation in Special Services - Construction Inspection. We are currently pre-qualified in eight categories.

Why Peralte-Clark?

Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in the civil engineering and highway design consulting industry with an extensive portfolio of multi-million dollar transportation planning, design and public and private infrastructure projects.

News and Updates

We will keep you all abreast of the latest company news and updates on our online blog here!
30 May
Construction Inspection

Peralte-Clark is at it again.  We recently were pre-qualified in Special Services – Co...

30 May
Peralte-Clark is Now DBE/MBE Certified!

Peralte-Clark just recently received our DBE and MBE certifications from the CTA and Cook Co...

17 Mar
“New Blood”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It was great to be at the Tollway Professional...

17 Mar
New Peralte-Clark Contact Information

Hey everybody –

We recently moved into a new office and got a new main phone nu...